As a postpartum doula, I often get asked questions about baby sleep as parents are often sleep deprived. They want babies sleep to be improved so they can get to sleep themselves. I found that parents had unrealistic expectations about baby sleep, probably because they did not know how and why babies sleep.

I felt I was well placed to provide this education, so that parents knew what to expect and make adjustments to cope better with the lack of long periods of sleep they were used to before baby arrived.

This was when I decided to become a certified sleep consultant.

I was also often asked about “Sleep Training” methods;  whether they worked  and when should we start? I undertook the Maternity and Child  Sleep Consultant course offered by IPHI (International Parenting and Health Institute) and became  a Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant. This certification compliments my work as a doula, and I now offer the holistic science of sleep approach to help pregnant individuals, babies and children overcome sleep challenges.

During my certification I explored the holistic science of sleep as well as many other different methods and benefits.  With this knowledge and my years of experience as a nurse, midwife and doula, I feel I have the tools available to help pregnant individuals and parents of children with their sleep challenges.  I use the Holistic Science of Sleep method, an intergrative approach that looks holistically at sleep challenges and also utilises the science of sleep to optimise sleep. Please note,  I don’t use or promote “Cry-it-out” methods where babies are left for prolonged periods with their emotional and physical needs not properly cared for.

I “sleep optimise” - not sleep-train.

  • I do not use a ‘one size fits all’ method.
  • I will NOT be asking  you to leave your children crying for any length of time before you go to comfort them.
  • I will not be asking you to stop feeding your baby overnight, wean your baby from the breast or stop bed sharing if that is what you want to do.
  • It will not be a ‘quick-fix’ method but it will be a long lasting one.
  • I will use the science of sleep and develop plans that maximise your child’s ability to sleep, by looking at their age, development and the foundations of sleep.

As a Holistic Science of Sleep Consultant, my goal is to support pregnant individuals and families with sleep challenges. Educating clients about sleep in pregnancy, baby sleep and development will empower them to overcome the sleep challenges which they may be experiencing. The holistic science of sleep method investigates for the root cause of sleep challenges. By evaluating the foundations for sleep, and adjusting and making sure the foundations are in place, most sleep challenges are resolved.

We will work together towards optimising sleep. I will be asking you many questions to discover what is going on with sleep in your family.  Analysing the foundations of sleep and adjusting them as necessary in order to optimise sleep.  Sleep will be looked at from a “whole family” perspective, and finding the root cause of the sleep challenges you are facing. It encompasses  aspects of parenting, behaviour management, nutrition and feeding support, stress, anxiety and emotional support.



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