We were lucky enough to have Suyin as both our birth and postpartum doula. She was SO approachable, knowledgable, reassuring and caring. Suyin communicated with us all the time; even when she was on vacation she checked in with us! Suyin taught us a lot and with her knowledge and medical background, it was very easy to trust her. As first time parents, we really needed her guidance through a complicated pregnancy. I am so thankful that Suyin was with us for my baby’s birth. It was a long labour, and as a first time Mom, I didn’t know what to expect. Suyin was so gentle, present and encouraging. When we got home, Suyin took care of Baby, mine and my husband’s needs constantly! I couldn’t imagine going through that whole experience without Suyin’s help! And also as a bonus, her cooking is delicious! 🙂

S. Ng
August 6, 2019

Long before our baby was born, Suyin checked in with us, giving reassurances and answering questions along the way. She and her team drew on their expertise and knowledge to offer excellent postnatal support. We are so grateful to have been guided through the exhilarating and daunting days of newborn care and given the chance to rest and recuperate. She is now “Auntie Suyin” as she quickly put us at ease welcoming her into our home, and entrusting her with our precious daughter. How do you measure peace of mind, or confidence when embarking on a big journey? Truly, the help of Cherry Blossom Doulas changed our lives!

A. Lau
August 5, 2019

Suyin is amazing, we are so lucky to have her as our birth doula. She is so patient in answering our questions during the pregnancy and so helpful in reducing the physical discomfort and my anxiety. Her experience as a midwife in the UK makes her so knowledgeable which helped me greatly in going through the complicated labor that I went through . I didn’t take epidural during the induction for 16 hours and I still felt good because of her. Couldn’t have done it without her! And she keeps asking us if everything’s ok and visiting us after that! Highly recommend her! Wonderful experience!

CY Wang
August 4, 2019


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