a consummate professional

Suyin is a consummate professional and was an indispensable part of my prenatal and postpartum “A Team”. Her postpartum doula colleagues, whom she personally trained and I had the pleasure of meeting, are also excellent. I frankly already miss Suyin and her confident and capable care for both my first son and myself for the time that she was with me. Her background as a midwife in the UK affords her a vastness of knowledge & credibility that far exceeds other ‘night nurses’ you may be interviewing. She is worth every penny of her higher price point and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and everyone. She essentially gave me a crash course in newborn care that provided me with tremendous confidence & allowed me to successfully exclusively breast feed. She is always on time, extremely helpful and giving of herself, and intuitively supportive from both a mental and physical wellbeing perspective. Suyin is a godsend.

Madison Wine
January 4, 2020

Suyin is beyond amazing! Not only does she provide top notch care for your baby, but she is a new parent coach – always showing encouragement and positivity. She is extremely knowledgeable and is there for you (even on the off hours) to answer your questions. I could not imagine coming home post pregnancy without her. Thank you so much Suyin. I am so grateful to have had your help and support!

Cassie Be
October 15, 2019

I did not consider hiring any help before I delivered the baby thinking I could do it all. I did survive, physically, the first two months. Unfortunately with a colicky high need baby, I developed a very bad case of postpartum depression by week 8.  In a desperate effort to feel better, I reached out to my friends and asked for referral for someone trustworthy to help for a week just so that I can take a break during the day. Suyin’s name came highly recommended. My friend said “she’s god sent.” And “she’s very booked. But even if you can only hire her for one day, it will make a world of a difference.” As I reflect on the few days we had her here, and the tremendous support she gave me the following 5 months, I can vouch for both statements. In addition to the fact that Suyin was VERY good with my then colicky baby (Suyin was the first person to make my always miserable baby smile, that’s how good she is): – She cares for the mom just as much as the baby.  On the first day she was here, she worked on establishing my confidence as a first time mom by teaching me techniques to sooth my baby to sleep and reassuring me that I am doing great, and pointing out moments when my baby was showing love for me.  It was the first time since the baby was born that I felt empowered knowing that I have the tool to sooth my child instead of letting her cry for hours and feeling completely helpless. – Suyin is very professional, generous, and caring.  She’s always on time. VERY responsive with emails and messages. Even though we only used her for a few days, we talk on a weekly if not daily basis for the months that followed. She messages me to make sure I am doing ok. She’s my go-to person when I have any baby related questions.   – Suyin is flexible in her approach. She worked with us to develop a plan we feel comfortable (we worked with another sleep consultant before and she’s very firm about her way or the highway even though her way clearly didn’t work for us).

Elain Tuo
September 12, 2019


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