Suyin is amazing, we are so lucky to have her as our birth doula. She is so patient in answering our questions during the pregnancy and so helpful in reducing the physical discomfort and my anxiety. Her experience as a midwife in the UK makes her so knowledgeable which helped me greatly in going through the complicated labor that I went through . I didn’t take epidural during the induction for 16 hours and I still felt good because of her. Couldn’t have done it without her! And she keeps asking us if everything’s ok and visiting us after that! Highly recommend her! Wonderful experience!

CY Wang
4 August 2019
We are more than grateful to have Suyin as our postpartum doula for the past month and I highly (more than highly, actually!) recommend her to other families – whether you just had a newborn recently or if you have a a toddler AND a newborn! When I first met Suyin, I was so impressed with her knowledge, patience and her educational/career background. The trust was built between us almost immediately as I saw how loving, caring and patient she was with my 1 week old baby. I felt comfortable knowing that my baby would be in her good care at nights and I was able to get as much rest as I could (and I needed the sleep badly). Suyin always asked my husband and I how we feel physically and emotionally (I love how she knows new dads need some encouragement too!). I remembered spending almost an hour every night talking to Suyin – about my anxiety, worries, thoughts and other issues/questions that I had. She would listen attentively and address all my concerns precisely. She was so encouraging and her reassurance helped me through the baby blue stage in which I am SO thankful for. Whenever I had questions & texted her – she would respond right away. I cannot imagine how I would manage without Suyin. Not only I feel like I’ve learned so much from her but I also feel like I’ve gained a dear friend! She truly is passionate in helping families going through the biggest transition and she will be there for you. I definitely highly recommend her to other families!
Jessica Yim
3 August 2019

Suyin is amazing. She is so knowledgeable, patient and caring. She went above and beyond in helping my wife and I to go through the first couple of weeks after our baby was born. We first asked Suyin to come for a few days and then my wife and I decided to ask her to come help us more often. Suyin answered all of our questions and she gave us so much encouragement and reassurance. Sometimes as first time parents, you just need some encouragement and trust that you are doing the best for your baby. She would always tell us “You guys are the best parents for the baby.” and this touched our hearts. We highly recommend Suyin to other families and we are not hesitate to reach out to her again in future! I would love to give her a 10-star rating!

Haoyu Dong
3 August 2019


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