Lactation Counseling

I am now offering tailored Lactation Support in my capacity as a Certified Lactation Specialist to address your feeding requirements, whether it involves breastfeeding/chestfeeding, pump/bottle feeding, or a combination of feeding methods with formula supplementation.

Fostering confidence and trust between parents and their babies, I will guide you in navigating the initial stages of lactation, ensuring a sense of ease.  I will provide support from the convenience of your home, with the aim of nourishing your baby and fostering stronger connections through feeding.

Lactation Counseling

Initial Session: 2 hours, $150 + HST
Additional Counseling billed hourly: $75/hour + HST

Lactation Counsellors:

  • Inform, support, and encourage parents throughout the feeding process
  • Provide culturally-sensitive options to feeding
  • Provide information on various feeding options, including formula feeding
  • Guide families through their rights according to healthcare policies and legal statutes
  • In the case of complications, refer healthcare professionals to the parents
  • Prepare parents to return to work, including breast pump usage and milk storage
  • Support during the weaning process

Finding Breast/Chestfeeding Alternatives:

We understand that the feeding journey is nuanced.  Our promise is to find the most healthful means to feed your child and keep you safe.  I will educate, support, and offer referrals to parents that need to halt breastfeeding/chestfeeding due to medical and/or personal reasons.

I am certified by the GOLD Lactation Academy.

I will help parents who feed their babies human milk and advise feeding alternatives when it is no longer a viable option.

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