As first-time parents, we were extremely nervous with the birth of our son. In our first meeting with Suyin, she thoughtfully asked us about our concerns and worries and upon answering that we lacked confidence in being parents, Suyin confidently said “there’s nothing to worry about because you have me.” That statement could not have been more accurate. From answering questions prenatal, to being our pillar of support post partum, we were blessed to have Suyin as our doula. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is patient, kind, and caring. Her guidance was always tailored towards our needs and how we wanted to raise our child and when times got tough, her comforting words and smile carried us forward. We learned how to properly breastfeed, bathe, swaddle, change, monitor, and engage with our child. Twelve weeks later, mommy and daddy are more confident parents, and little Nicholas is healthy and active as ever. Thank you Suyin for being nothing short of amazing. N.B. Dads, don’t feel bad about eating some of those homemade lactation cookies (yes, Suyin is a baker as well). Not only do they work (for the mommies), but they are delicious ?