We are new to Canada and just had our second child.
I was mentally prepared for a hard time, as we are still adjusting to the new place, the pandemic makes it worse, and there is no family around. But in the midst of these challenges, Yonit proved to be a God’s sent.
After coming back from the hospital, I was weak & frail, but Yonit walked in with a lot of energy and wisdom.
She quickly got a sense of our needs and filled in all the gaps to keep us going. Whether it was cooking us delicious food (with so much love!!) or helping me with my aches and pains, caring for the baby or engaging with my first born, Yonit did it all beautifully.
She helped me understand the baby cues and provide better for her needs.
There were times when I needed emotional support and assurance, Yonit gave all and helped me bounce back to the normalcy of life.
I really commend her for her quick understanding of people and situations, as she gave us all the care while accommodating for our way of life.
She was exceptionally good to my first born, and he grew extremely fond of her and waited for her visit each time ?.
Can’t go without saying that she religiously followed the covid protocols, which gave us so much comfort.
A big big thanks to Yonit for helping us sail through these times ??????.