We were lucky to have support from Suyin (and Petra who we were also lucky to meet) for the first month and as a first time mom it made things so much easier. All of my worries were soothed, my questions answered with patience and I trusted them to leave my newborn in their care while I took a nap and caught up on much needed sleep. Suyin solved all of my breastfeeding woes and made the process so much easier when it was initially painful. She’s also an amazing cook and it was so great to not have to think about that while figuring out how to take care of a newborn. My husband and I both felt like we had a shortcut to better understanding our baby. Most of all our newborn was able to feel calm and well supported with Suyin’s care and guidance – she’s almost three months now and is very easygoing, which I believe is because we learned how to understand her! We highly recommend Cherry Blossom Doulas!