Suyin has been an integral part of our baby’s well being from the very beginning. She worked with us during pregnancy to birth to the newborn days and now sleep training support for my¬†toddler. J was always a great napper and sleeper, but when he was about 2 and a half, he suddenly became independent, demanding and stubborn. He was suddenly refusing to go down and refusing to let us leave his room. We were held hostages in his room until he decided that it was time for us to leave. We tried leaving when we said we would and every time he would have a major meltdown. It was frustrating and tiring for both of us. One night, we decided to let him cry it out, but he ended up crying so hysterically that he climbed and fell out of his crib. Head first. We were beyond devastated. That is when we reached out to Suyin, desperate for help. First, she soothed our anxieties and then asked for J’s schedule, habits, emotions, everything- full picture! She then made her suggestions. To be honest, I was skeptical, I was thinking there’s no way her strategies would work, but because we were desperate, we stuck to it and tried what she suggested. Magically, within 3 minutes, J understood and calmed down and told us “bye bye Mommy Daddy.” Everyday since has been just as peaceful and calm. J is able to calm down and go to sleep by himself, knowing that Mommy and Daddy are watching and waiting for him. Suyin is a true miracle worker! She has a true understanding of baby/toddler’s every need and desire! Her calm manner, wealth of knowledge and gentle approach is every parent and baby’s dream!

– J’s very happy parents