Suyin was so amazing that I used her for both of pregnancies. The first pregnancy was for labour doula services and second pregnancy was for sleep consultant and also post partum doula services. I went through 22 hours of labour that Suyin helped me through. Second pregnancy I had trouble sleeping around the middle to end of the pregnancy. She did a full assessment and asked a lot of questions to understand the situation and then gave me a list of recommendations to help me sleep better. I found her suggestions very useful and I still use some of her suggestions even a year after my son was born. During post partum, she made sure I got lots of rest and cooked delicious Chinese healing dishes and soups for me and my family. It was so much stress lifted off my shoulders knowing she was coming and helping to feed us and to make sure the baby was ok. She was so knowledgeable and was always so happy and smiling. I would absolutely recommend her.